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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 23, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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undocumented immigrant of a deadly shooting. and uber driver injured moments after picking up passengers from sfo. the latest on this investigation . a new resource center for buyer victims open in the north bay as the students begin to return to school. state and local authorities discuss the massive cleanup efforts getting underway. . good afternoon. >> after more than two years, trial against the undocumented immigrant accused of a deadly shooting at the san francisco pier 14 just got underway this morning. a few hours ago, opening statements began in the trial against jose ines garcia zarate who is originally from mexico. he is charged with second- degree murder in the killing of kate steinle, as she was shot as she walked along pier 14
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with her father on july 1st, 2015. before the trial got underway, his attorney answered questions from reporters. >> state of mind is a difficult question. he has a 2nd grade education. he obviously has mental health issues. it is not a mental health defense in terms of -- we are not saying he is not guilty because he has a mental defect. but his state of mind is relevant to the answers he is giving to police officers. they are asking him questions and he is talking about vegetables or he goes off the narrative many times. >> defense attorneys say the shooting was accidental with the gun going off as zarate was unwrapping it after finding it stuffed beneath a nearby bench. prosecutors say zarate was recklessly shooting at people.
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>> the case has fueled a national debate over actuary cities. zarate, who is a mexican national, had been deported several times prior to the deadly shooting. president trump talked about the death of kate steinle during his campaign saying the shooting shows the need for a wall along the mexican border. the house of representatives passed case law which can improve -- increase prison sentences for immigrants that enter the u.s. after being deported. her parents say they would rather not have their daughter's name politicized. chp is investigating an overnight shooting that involved an uber driver with passengers in the car. this happened just after 11:00 last night on westbound 380. moments after the driver picked up passengers from sfo. when officers arrived, they found uber driver inside of his car with a gunshot wound. >> the vehicle was stopped in the center divide. a black toyota corolla with several bullet holes. there were three parties in the
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vehicle. the driver was struck. we believe they are non-life- threatening injuries. we believe they were taken to san francisco general for treatment. the other two were not injured. >> two other cars were found nearby close to the transition to 280 northbound. one car had rear end damage. the other had front to be damage as well as bullet holes in the front window and rear view mirror. the occupants of the car left the scene. investigators now are searching for those people. uber tells ktvu the company is currently checking on the writers in the -- riders and the driver. san francisco police are investigating a shooting involving a car with an uber sticker in. investigators say the driver was shot during an attempted
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robbery near the intersection of clay and laguna streets saturday night. the driver is expected to survive. at this point, there is no description of the two suspects to share with you. it is unclear if the driver was working for uber when the shooting happened. oakland police are investigating a homicide yesterday afternoon in the uptown district. police say a man was attacked on telegraph avenue between 19th and 20th streets. so far, no other details on exactly what led up to this attack. we know the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. investigators have released a description of the attacker in this case. although there have been no rest made so far. the latest on the north bay wildfires. account fire officials are expected to have full containment by wednesday. the fires have been burning more than two weeks. the pocket tire in geyserville is 89% contained. up to% from yesterday. the alice fire in napa and sonoma counties is 93% containment. the nuns fire is 90% contained. the tubbs fire is 94% contained.
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>> federal help is on the way when it comes to cleanup efforts following the devastating wildfires. the epa and fema are just a few agencies that will soon be joining state and local teams in napa and sonoma counties. they will be working together to clear the dangerous debris from these areas. things like batteries, flammable liquids in asbestos. the project will be done in phases. the first part will involve getting rid of vehicles, air conditioners and refrigerators. there is a news conference to outline the plan for homeowners to help clean up the debris. the news conference is scheduled to happen in a few hours. the city of santa rosa began issuing entry passes to people living in the fountain grove and coffee park neighborhood, which was hit especially hard.
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abel can pick up passes at the city transportation and public works headquarters on stony road now through friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. only residents and homeowners will be allowed access into the area. and you have to present a valid form of identification. a new red cross service center opened up in sonoma county for people affected by the north bay wildfires. it is the third red cross office near the santa rosa airport. volunteers will help link people who lost homes, and more to resources as well as financial assistance. >> the credit -- the caseworkers are trained. some people -- it is taking a huge toll on them. we are there to walk with them through the weeks and months ahead. >> the new service center will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. every day this week through sunday. the red cross is still accepting donations for fire victims and they say monetary donations
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really is best. >> people in the north bay trying to return to a sense of normalcy. today students, parents and staff members at napa unified school district were relieved and excited to come back to class after wildfires forced the schools in the district to close temporarily. >> we explain what the district is doing to heat -- to keep helping students and the community. >> reporter: early classes started at napa high school around 7:00 this morning. the first time in two weeks students returned to campus after wildfires, evacuations and unhealthy smoke-filled air force to schools district wide to shut down. >> fortunately, we were not threatened. >> we were on edge all week. we are just glad everything is back to normal. >> not being able to connect to people when it first broke. not seeing people was odd for the community.
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>> the napa high school to -- principal says it is too soon to see how many students were directly impacted. they don't know how many might have lost their homes or how many parents might have lost their jobs because of the fires. district spokesperson said the focus today is getting students back into a routine. >> there is a communitywide impact. the school has a rule so we want to figure out what we can do. we have this big yarn ball. we took a piece of the yarn and passed it around and talked about things that happened during the two weeks. >> students say therapeutic exercises like that on the first day back in class help them keep things in perspective . >> just saw how lucky most of us are and how grateful everyone is. >> napa unified school district has 31 campuses and 18,000 student is. a district spokesperson says at each campus, they will have one if not multiple counselors on hand to help anybody that needs to talk.
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ktvu, fox2 news. 's happening today in san francisco, an attempt by 19 states to force president trump to pay healthcare subsidies going before a federal judge. the states filed a lawsuit because the trump administration stopped payments on subsidies that help low income americans pay for health insurance under the affordable care act. the state attorney general -- is being led by the california attorney general. they say those payments are required by law. >> we went in asking for the court to give us an emergency ruling to stop what the trump administration did last week or a little more than a week ago because it was supposed to take effect immediately under their order. and we cannot afford to have that kind of uncertainty. >> there is bipartisan legislation in congress to
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restore the healthcare subsidies. initially, president trump said he would support the plan but later appeared to backtrack the support. >> president trump is making the case for the gop tax reform plan as he refused reports that the 401k investments suffer. >> this comes as republicans work to put a bill on the desk before the end of the year. we have the latest. >> u.s. stocks hit record highs this morning, building on last week's gain. the surge coming after the senate took significant steps toward tax reform. >> the two major priorities are to make sure that this tax cut benefits the middle class and secondly, to reduce the corporate tax rate because those are the job creators. >> yet 401k investments are said to be at risk. according to right a in the wall street journal, thing the republican proposal would reduce the text and if it people enjoy for for one contributions. president trump tweeting in
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response, ensuring -- assuring americans there will be no change under the gop tax reform plan. saying the retirement investment tool is a great and popular middle-class tax break that works and it stays. >> there were reports that republicans on capitol hill were considering cutting the $18,000 people can contribute annually to their 401k, all the way down to $2400, which would be extremely unpopular. of the president made clear that is not going to happen. >> president trump believes the tax reform bill has enough support to pass this year. >> i think this tremendous appetite is for it. >> in washington, caroline shively, fox news. a major development in last week's deadly carjacking. an announcement made by the alameda county sheriff's office a few hours ago. temperatures on the rise across the bay area. our meteorologist will tell you what you can expect for the work
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week ahead. and tensions continue to increase with north korea. now b-52 bombers are getting ready for 24 hour alert status.
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welcome back. two toddlers remain in the hospital today in critical condition after being hit by a car in vallejo while their mother was pushing them across the street in a stroller. this happened at about 5:45
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p.m. last night on turner parkway. police say the 2-year-old and his 3-year-old sister were thrown a considerable distance from the stroller and both suffered major injuries. the mother was not hurt. witnesses the car involved is described as a white acura and the driver did not stop. a 42-year-old victor alvarez has been accused of killing 46-year-old james figaro junior. thursday, figaro junior went out to start his car to warm it up before going back inside. when he returned, the suspects, alvarez, was inside the truck. when figaro junior tried to stop him, police say alvarez ran him over and took off. euro junior died at the hospital from his injuries and alvarez will be arraigned tomorrow. three people in custody today accused of a deadly shooting at a fremont hotel. this happened late saturday night at the extended stay america hotel.
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fremont police got a 911 call saying a man was in the lobby of the hotel suffering from a gunshot wound. officers got to the scene minutes later. >> one officer responded. they confirmed that the victim did have a gunshot wound. they began immediate medical attention on the victim. the victim was transported to a local trauma center. unfortunately, the victim did end up succumbing to his injuries. >> investigators believe the 48-year-old victim was shot inside of a hotel room. so far, there is no word on any possible motive. but police say the victim did not know the three suspects that were arrested. we expect an update from livermore police on an officer involved shooting that happened late saturday night. this was near the residence inn when an officer noticed a woman in a suspicious vehicle.
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the officer discovered the car had been stolen and called in other officers to the scene. police said the woman refused to get out and then started the car and drove it into two patrol cars. that is when a -- an officer opened fire on the woman. she was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. no officers were injured. the last week of october is looking like most of the month except for the rain and cool temperatures saturday morning. off with a warm start to the week. we have had temperatures almost 20 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. it is clear. i want to start with the typhoon /hurricane that went through japan. the cloud shield was as big as japan. and came off shore as a category two. at one point, it was a category four. there have been numerous flight delays and torrential rain. but it went by so fast over tokyo. it went 37 miles an hour. now it is turning extratropical as it interacts with the jet stream.
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and downstream from that, a deep system is developing. this is incredibly deep for the hawaiian islands this time of the year. ahead of that, there has to be high-pressure. that is right over us. it is taking everything and sending it way to the north. all the way to the pacific northwest. i would look for rain and a lot of cloud cover. they will be dealing with that system probably for a few days. high-pressure doesn't show much sign of it breaking down. until then, it will be warm to hot for the end of the month. 70s for many. upper 80s to near 90. tomorrow looks even warmer. 70s yesterday. santa rosa, san francisco, concord -- 80s to near 90. the temperature trend, plus 18, plus the 14, plus 16, 11, plus eight -- compared to 24 hours ago. there is a northerly direction -- thankfully it is not that strong at the surface.
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only the higher elevations. san francisco, 82. just shy of 70. the record tomorrow is 90. also set in 1965. san jose, 85. look at the record low for them on this date. 38. back when he used to get cold. wind, the strongest was mount diablo at 6:35 a.m. 70 miles an hour. the strongest guest look to be around mission peak fremont. that was this morning. mainly around to thousand feet or higher for most of these. not as bad at the surface. tomorrow, temperatures will be hot. especially southern california. mid to upper 90s to near 100 degrees. including san diego. 95. probably hotter than the valley locations. and excessive heat warning for them. also high fire dangers. it is 53-59 for the water
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temperature. the fog would have no problem forming. you get the wind from the west. it is not happening. it is going offshore so it has no chance. look at the cloud cover. it was impressive saturday. atmospheric river going to the pacific northwest. not now. maybe some high clouds coming from this weak low. it is all about higher pressure and warmer temperatures. funny for all. clear at the coast. well above normal. a good 10-20 degrees for some. some 70s and a lot of 80s. if you near 90 degrees. that will continue into tomorrow . probably tuesday being the hottest day. i think some records will be in jeopardy for tuesday. wednesday still looks warm. a little cooler. no sign of any rain. the u.s. is preparing to put nuclear bombers on 24 hour alerts as tensions rise with north korea. it is a move that has not been seen and set -- since the end of the cold war.
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>> the order has not been given yet. according to defense one, preparations are being made just in case. our reporter has more. >> the air force is taking steps to make sure the u.s. is making sure these b-52 bombers are ready to go at a moments notice should they be ordered to fly. that is according to the air force's chief of staff. his name is general david goldfein. he says the u.s. is currently renovating barksdale air force base in louisiana to make sure the infrastructure is ready, should there be an order for the 24 hour readiness. there has not been such an order or that kind of readiness since 1991. in a while, president trump was speaking on foxbusiness news this week aunt and hoping china will put pressure on north korea to persuade kim jong-un to change course. and the u.s. is ready to do whatever it takes. >> we are prepared for anything. we are so prepared, like you wouldn't believe. >> on the diplomatic front,
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former president jimmy carter says he is ready to go to north korea. jimmy carter went to north korea in 1994 under the clinton administration. he told general mcmaster, a close friend, that president trump's national security advisor, that he is prepared to go. in an interview with the new york times, jimmy carter said so far, the word from the trump administration has been, thanks but no thanks. fox news, london. coming up, preorders on apple's newest iphone set to begin later this week. after the break, we will tell you about the concerns over a shortage.
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the newest job numbers show a troubling trend in the bay area. 4700 jobs were lost in september taking it the worst unemployment locally since february of 2010. east bay lost 2600 jobs last month. san francisco lost 1700. santa clara county last 1300 jobs. this is the second straight month of cuts after the bay area saw a loss of 2400 jobs in august. economist say one problem is companies are having a hard time filling job openings because of the high cost of living. more layoffs for the parent company of snapchat. business insider says 18 employees from the recruiting
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division have been let go. about a dozen others from marketing also lost their jobs last month. stock has dropped nearly 40% since the snap ipo back in march. next year, the social media network is looking to slow hiring as a way to try to control cost. we want to give you a live look at the big word on wall street. the dow jones industrial is down about 20 or so points. a half hour left in the trading day. we should let you know that the dow, s&p and nasdaq all traded at record highs earlier. now all of them are relatively flat as we move toward the closing bell. if your hoping to get your hands on a new iphone x, it might not be easy. analysts predict the company will only have between 2-3 million available. for comparison, apple sold 16 million units when the iphone 6s was released. three fourths of all would-be buyers might go home empty- handed. preorders for the phone opened at midnight friday morning. still ahead, small signs
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that life is getting a little back to the way it was before the devastating wildfires in the north bay. after the break, the big event happening tonight involving students from one of the school that was heavily damaged by the fires. tensions mounted. defense secretary james madison attended a military conference in the philippines.
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following breaking news out of lake county where the sheriff department is alerting residents about a shooting. the lake county sheriff says two people have been killed and one suspect is in custody. according to a report, this happened near the clearlake oaks post office which we highlighted on this map which is north of the city of clearlake. people in the area have been told to shelter in place. the latest information we have is that one person is in custody. two people have been killed. we are working to get more information. when we have that, we will bring that to you here and put it on talking about the wildfires in the north bay. evacuation orders have been lifted for many northbay neighborhoods devastated by the fires. that includes the community of glenallen in sonoma county. many people returned to the area to see what was left of their homes. this was the scene at one home that used to sit on a hill
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overlooking the beautiful sonoma valley. it was a 3000 square foot home. the family that lived there said that the nuns fire hit that area hard. they evacuated as the flames moved closer, grabbing important documents and medication. but everything else, they left behind. >> what makes this loss more devastating than just the lost of all of our family heirlooms -- is that we lost everything from my brother. now they have to start over completely. >> last night, about 30 miles away in nevada, a fundraiser was held for wildfire relief efforts. many people in attendance at this fundraiser did not know any of the fire the hymns but they said they simply wanted to do something to help them. >> some schools in the fire zones are back in session today. students are back on campus at santa rosa junior college. this is for the first time since the devastating fires. both this sudden -- santa rosa and petaluma campuses are open. the school says more than 450
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students and staff members lost their homes and hundreds more had to evacuate from that area. a recent survey found 78% of the students stated they were ready to come back to school. napa valley college also reopened today. tonight, cardinal lehman high school in santa rosa which had damage will play the first football game since the fire. the team faces their opponent and it should be a good game. cardinal newman lost once this season. kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. tonight. ktvu will be there and will bring you that story on the 10:00 news. to the south bay. cal fire says it expects the wildfires burning in the santa cruz mountains to be fully contained by tomorrow. it is 79% contained right now after burning about 400 acres. the fire started a week ago near boulder creek. nine firefighters were injured while battling the flames in some of the steep hillsides.
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there are still evacuation orders that remain in place. the cause of the fire is under investigation. u.s. senate is pushing ahead on the $36.5 billion hurricane relief package for florida and texas. expected to easily pass a procedural vote today. a final vote is tomorrow. then it goes to president trump for his nature. the measure also contains $577 million for fighting wildfires in the western u.s. including california. over the bacon, five former president came together -- over the weekend, five former presidents came together . former presidents barack obama, george w. bush, bill clinton, george h. w. bush and jimmy carter participated in a benefit concert saturday night to raise money for hurricane relief efforts. >> all of us on this stage tonight could not be more proud. the response of americans, when they see their neighbors and their friends, they see
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strangers in need. americans step up. >> i am here to urge you to give to this fund. i want to thank all the volunteers. >> the event was at texas a&m university and was entitled "deep from the heart" ." the event has already raised $31 million for disaster relief. >> if we just do what we ought to do and prove that the heart of america, without regard to race, religion or political party, is greater. >> president george h. w. bush did not address the crowd but he smiled and waved from the stage. president trump was not in attendance at the event but did deliver a message to the crowd.
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>> as a nation, we mourn for those who died. and we pray for those who lost their homes or their livelihood. together, we will recover. we will rebuild. and we will come back stronger and better than ever before. >> country music singer lee greenwood emceed the event which featured a surprise performance by lady gaga. sump -- some countries around the world are issuing warnings about traveling to the united dates. they want about damaged infrastructure following disasters like hurricanes in florida and texas. they also point to the potential for violence in the u.s. following the vegas mass shooting, talking about the prevalence of gun violence by americans. and defense secretary james mattis is in the philippines eating with 10 of his counterparts on the asia- pacific region on the ongoing threat by north korea. >> he already met with the south korean and japanese defense ministers about confronting the north.
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but it could be complicated by china. >> as engines escalate on the korean peninsula, press circuit -- secretary james mattis is talking about the north convocation. james mattis meeting with defense ministers from south korea and japan, coordinating military efforts to contain pyongyang's nuclear program. >> critics of the president's hard-line approaches as the military threats are destabilizing already dangerous situations. and can only be resolved through negotiation which the president is that is less than likely. but his strategy is getting support from key u.s. allies. >> it is the duty of the president, at least to explore those military options, and to
12:37 pm
keep them on the table. >> but the administration is also depending on china, north korea's only major ally, to help rain in the north. a strategy that could be complicated by growing trade between the countries and exports growing over the last nine months. the chinese government says they have stopped trading goods that have fallen under united nations sanctions. >> as close neighbors, china and north korea will keep normal exchanges and cooperation . >> president trump is set to visit china and four other nations in the first official visit to asia next month. in london, ktvu fox2 news. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson made unannounced trips to iraq and afghanistan today. stopping in iraq and afghanistan. talking with the afghan president and other senior officials. he also underscored the ongoing u.s. commitment to stabilize
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the war-ravaged country term at the sentencing hearing of army sergeant bowe bergdahl has been suspended until wednesday, due to comment from president bush. his lawyer asked a judge this morning to dismiss the case due to comments in 2015 by then candidate trump. he said bowe bergdahl should be shot. last week, when asked about him, the president said "i think people have heard my comments in the past." >> bowe bergdahl pleaded guilty last week to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, before leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009. he was captured and held by the taliban for five years. still ahead, another bay area sports team heading to the playoffs. the incredible play coming up. we will check back in for more on the warmer temperatures that we will see around the bay area this week. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken
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money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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after five straight close losses, yesterday the 49ers suffered their worst loss in two years. ezekiel elliott scored two touchdowns in the first seven minutes of the game. going upfield for a 72-yard touchdown. as for the 49ers offense, cj becker started the first game but could not get much done. the team lost three fumbles, did not score a touchdown until the 4th quarter. cowboys win this one 40-10.
12:42 pm
the 49ers travel this week to play the eagles sunday. >> it was a tough game on the field. but there were a lot of reasons to smile. legends from the 1981 49ers championship team were on hand to honor fan favorites. >> our sports anchor shows us the tribute at levi stadium. >> we will always be remembered -- this will always be remembered as a very iconic play. and clark left us with another memory. a man fighting a disease and struggling at times for the strength to thank the fans, his family, former owner and teammates. >> i got the honor of introducing someone today that it really need any introduction. he is very well known to all of you 49ers fan. and you cowboys fans too. >> who more appropriate than joe montana to facilitate half-
12:43 pm
time ceremonies. >> i love you, man. >> without further ado, here is my great friend, dwight clark . [ cheering ] >> hello, my 49ers fan club. >> [ cheering ] >> i think you all know i am going through a little thing right now. and i need your prayers and thoughts. and i appreciate you. >> thank you for putting this date together. these are unique days. having all the players phone back here so i can see them one more time.
12:44 pm
it is a big day. and i am very appreciative. >> there is a guy who has been my friend since 1979. he made this team into a family. and 40 years later, he is still taking care of me. he calls all over the world trying to find the best remedy for als. he sent me to japan to get medicine there. so i know we have done what we can -- but i can never thank the family
12:45 pm
enough for what they do. [ cheering ] >> it would have been symbolic for the 49ers to get their first win of the year against dallas on the day the team played -- paid tribute to dwight clark. that didn't happen. >> in santa clara, ktvu fox2. >> one area football team is heading to the playoffs after an impressive win sunday. we are not talking about the raiders or the 49ers -- but the earthquakes against minnesota united. got a three hacking them to victory. may now go to western conference playoffs for the first time in five years. the first round opponent, vancouver on wednesday night. >> so how did you spend your sunday? i'm pretty sure it was not as interesting as steph curry. he has you beat. after the warriors game saturday night -- the warriors
12:46 pm
flew him to dallas for the game he will play tonight. for his day off, he spent the day on the golf course playing alongside jordan spieth and former president barack obama. if you are keeping track, this is actually the second time steph curry has played with the former president. sunshine plenty on this monday. and temperatures are heading up fast. we have temperatures anywhere from 1520 degrees above average for this time of the year. we have to wait until september or october to get that weather. today is no exception. a system over the hawaiian islands. for us, it is high-pressure, large and in charge. a lot of energy in the pacific northwest. that has been pushed out of seattle and portland. then everything dives to the middle of the country. warmer today. warmer tomorrow. there are some pretty good
12:47 pm
guests at the higher elevations. not at the surface. a lot of 80s. the coast, upper 70s to near 80, to near 90 for a few inland. yesterday, a lot of 70s. we are bouncing up 10-15 degrees for some compared to yesterday. already double digits warmer for concord, livermore and san jose, compared to 24 hours ago. we our-20 degrees warmer. mount diablo had the biggest wind guests. 70 miles an hour. most of the higher elevations, 2000-3000 feet. tomorrow will be really warm and hot. downright hot in southern california. looking for record highs. game one of the world series. 95 degrees to near 100 for los angeles, down to san diego. so they have the weather warnings for -- too warm or high fire danger continuing through tuesday. water temperatures are cold. so if we get a north wind, we could form this out there. then it gets cheetah by the offshore
12:48 pm
breeze. the energy was a period a few high clouds may come from the weak system. when it goes here, it has to go up and over. so that means funny for everybody today. temperatures are cool in the morning briefly. then well above normal temperatures. 70s for a few. a lot of 80s. near 90. if you love this kind of weather, you will love tomorrow. it will be warmer. temperatures are near record- setting territory tomorrow. still warm wednesday. at a slow cooling for the weekend. staying on top of breaking news out of lake county. the lake county sheriff's department confirmed a chp officer has been shot in the leg in an altercation. the deputy is expected to survive. we will -- we also learned two people have been killed in the shooting and one suspect is in custody. according to authorities, this happened near the clearlake's oaks post office north of the actual city of clearlake.
12:49 pm
officials say there is an outstanding suspect vehicle in this case. they are looking out for a gray camaro with the license plate on your screen. 7ube197. if you see this vehicle, contact police immediately. dozens of protesters were handcuffed and escorted out of a poultry processing facility in oakland. about 200 demonstrators with the animal-rights group, direct action everywhere, entered this live poultry shop yesterday and demanded release of the animals. during the sit in, demonstrators cited the california animal cruelty law asking the city to seize the animals and shutdown the facility. demonstrators say secret camera footage shows animals in crowded cages being denied food and water. also danville police are asking for the public's help as a search for a hit and run driver that struck them to people on bicycles this happened saturday afternoon
12:50 pm
near clydesdale drive. police said the driver did initially stop after hitting the two bicyclist but abruptly drove away. people described it as a silver compact suv, possibly a ford escape. the two bicyclist are expected to fully recover from injuries after being treated at a hospital. . coming up, he saved dozens of lives during combat in vietnam, putting himself in the line of fire. today, he is receiving the medal of honor for his heroism. why he says it was his duty to save those lives. this is the new comfort food.
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after two years, the man accused of shooting kate steinle goes to trial. we will have the latest. and the head of the avon breast center tells us what men and women should look for and how often to get screened.
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welcome back. this week, the public make it its first look at top-secret documents of the jfk assassination investigation. it was 25 years ago that congress set a deadline to release all of these files by october 26th of this year which is thursday. president trump announced on twitter that he will allow the release of these classified materials. experts that have studied kennedy's assassination don't anticipate any major revelations in these documents but some historians and -- historians and conspiracy theorists think there could be a cia personality study of lee harvey oswald and top-secret congressional testimony from cia officers. let's take a peek at stocks. the dow has given back to early
12:54 pm
gains. on track to finish slightly lower, losing about 40-point. a silicon valley startup is about to unveil technology that lets shoppers skip the whole retail checkout process altogether. it is called, standard cognition. it resembles the concept of the amazon go store that launched for testing last year. with this technology, ceiling mounted cameras track shoppers and the items they pick up. then computer vision software identifies the items so the shopper can be charged via an app on their way out. >> we are trying to be as flexible as possible. some stores want to have their own app. we can interface with that. some stores want us to take care of everything. so we will have the standard check out app where you can walk in and walk out. >> the system here is designed to reduce labor cost and save money on shoplifting
12:55 pm
prevention. the founder says the technology will be ready to hit stores in a few months. google is rolling out a new way to shop online. it is called, pay with google. it takes you through checkout pages by auto filling your payment and shipping details. pay with google will be available on chrome on desktop as well as a number of e- commerce apps on android. just a few minutes ago, president trump awarded retired army captain gary rose with the medal of honor for gallantry. he is credited with saving the lives of 60 wounded men during the for days of intense fighting during 1970 during the vietnam war. captain rose repeatedly ran into enemy fire to provide medical aid to his fellow soldiers using his own body on one occasion, to shield a wounded man. rose, who is now 71, says his job was to focus on the individuals that were hurt. last night at the kennedy
12:56 pm
center, david letterman was awarded the mark twain prize for american humor. friends and colleagues congratulated him for his time on late-night television. letterman responded by saying, he does not think he deserves the reward. >> if you consider the point of a humorist, mark twain was an author, a journalist and a humorist and a social commentator. i was nothing. i sat behind a desk. i did enjoy the make up. and i read introductions off of cards. so if there is an award for that behavior, i would feel comfortable. >> humble as ever. accepting the award in front of his friend, including steve martin, al franken and his bandleader, paul schaffer. he hosted late night with david letterman on 33 years on two different networks. >> just downplaying it all until the end.
12:57 pm
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